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Our company

It continues its activities in the tiny house sector with its 20 years of sectoral experience in wood and steel applications. With its experienced staff and knowledge, it has become a sought-after and preferred company in the sector in a short time.

With its experienced technical staff, Deha Tinyhose carries out the design, application, sales and installation assembly of mobile homes, small houses with wheels and tiny house systems.

With its expert staff, it prioritizes customer satisfaction at home and abroad. It has also made it a principle to deliver on time for the delivery of tiny house models ordered. With its unique technical and experienced staff, it has accepted it as an indispensable way to walk confidently and to serve its customers in the maximum possible way, and will continue to serve its customers by continuing on its way in this direction.


All of our products and services meet quality standards, Tiny house models ensure that the environment is cool in summer and warm in winter. In this way, quality tiny house mobile home you can use it for a lifetime with peace of mind. Technical and administrative staff working on the basis of customer satisfaction offers fast and quality solutions in line with customer needs.

colorful+trailer+house+Tiny+House_Veldkamp+container+dining+gazebo+Strapped+deha 5.png
colorful+trailer+house+Tiny+House_Veldkamp+container+dining+gazebo+Strapped+deha 5.png

As Deha Tinyhouse, we have minimized everything that is crowded and takes up extra space for you to offer you a minimalist living space.

We are working to present you the best Genius models we have ever produced. We know that you want to get more than what you pay for. We want you to know that we are doing our best to offer you more than the amount you will buy from us and pay for our tiny houses.

As Genius Tinyhouse; A good start always offers more. “Breathe little houses.” With our motto, we invite everyone to experience this experience.

As Deha Tinyhouse, our company, which always adopts customer satisfaction as a principle, provides solutions to all your needs quickly and with the most suitable offer. Our goal is to respond to its customers with high quality products as a reliable and preferred company in the sector.

Our mission is to meet the tiny house mobile tiny house needs of people, to produce fast, perfect, high quality, aesthetic and insulated buildings. Our vision is to be a sought-after brand in the tiny house industry, to develop and implement contemporary building systems. To increase our market share, to raise customer satisfaction to the highest level. Take the first step to bring your project to life by coming to our office.

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