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  • Is your factory open to Visitors?
    Yes, you can book a visit here. We welcome visitors and enjoy sharing our passion for our Tiny Houses. We have a very active factory with at least 5 minis on the move, and also a few display houses for you to walk through. .
  • Can I get a quote, how much does a quote cost?"
    ALL offers are FREE. Email, call, or fill out the Quote Request Form at the bottom of each model page
  • I want to make my own tiny house. Do you sell the production scheme and plans?
    YES. There is a lot of complexity involved in producing a comprehensive document that effectively communicates the design to an audience with unknown experience in construction. However, you can manufacture your own with the plans prepared by our expert team in a way that everyone can understand.
  • What is the purpose of the tinyhouse with chassis?
    There are two main reasons why tiny houses are built on wheels. First, it falls under the same arrangement as caravans, as it is in the vehicle class when it is built with wheels and does not require a building permit. The second is mobility, because many Tiny Home owners like the idea of staying connected and being able to move.
  • Which tinyhouse is best for me?
    Find out which Tiny House is right for you is a pretty deep process. There are many aspects that will come together to make your Tiny Home your dream home and we are here to help make that dream come true. Please feel free to call or email us to discuss which model best suits your needs. Our architects and design team have produced a variety of designs and sizes to choose from. All of these can be custom-tailored to suit your own design needs.
  • Are you selling partially finished or fully finished homes?
    Yes, we do both. It is a great way for our customers to build their own tiny house with just a trailer or trailer + carcass or finished product and save money in the process. However, we're not going to build anything less than a tiny house. We need to make sure the building is fully structurally designed, waterproof and safe.
  • How long does the construction process take? Is there a production queue?
    Build times may vary depending on the model as well as whether it is part made or sold as Turnkey stage. On average, the construction process takes about 45-60 days. Due to our current workload and the growing popularity of Tiny homes, we have a waiting list. However, please feel free to call or email us to discuss this further.
  • Is a deposit taken during the purchasing process?
    We only require a 50% deposit. This guarantees and secures you a suitable building slot and delivery date. Once the deposit is made, we can start the design process, order your camper, start the design process and start your Tiny House journey together.
  • How do I connect my tiny house to electricity?
    Our standard tiny houses run on a 15 amp mains power with a safety switchboard. The tiny house can be plugged in using a power cord, just like a traditional caravan. You will not need an electrician on site for this connection, you will only need an extension cord. A solar power system can also be installed at an additional cost or added at a later stage.
  • How do I connect my tiny house to water?
    Just like a traditional caravan, a standard garden hose plug connection comes standard in our tiny homes. It's that simple! Alternatively, we can allow you to go off the grid by offering Stormwater storage tanks and pumps for an additional fee. All homes have gutters, but they are not installed when on the road due to size restrictions.
  • How is the insulation done?
    Yes, all our Tiny Houses are insulated. We use Earthwool Insulation rock wool on the walls and double layer on the roof. We also offer insulated insulated glazing and double glazed windows at an additional cost, greatly minimizing the energy required for heating and cooling. This is also an option if you need underfloor insulation (if underfloor heating is requested) and can be upgraded to all of our models and designs.
  • Can it be connected to the sewer network? What other option do I have if I can't or don't want to connect to the sewer?
    Most of our Tiny Homes come standard with a standard flush (residential) toilet. It is the customer's responsibility to obtain the services of a qualified plumber and municipal permits to connect to the sewer or septic tank. As an alternative and much greener/sustainable option, we can install and supply waterless compost toilets on site that do not require a plumber or any hookups.
  • Do you also build small houses without wheels?
    Yes. It is enough to share information about the model you want to make. We have all kinds of services, including model and design.
  • Can you make some changes to your Standard Models/Designs?
    Yes, you can modify it to some extent! All of our Standard Models can be personalized with fittings, fixtures and finishing options such as flooring, cabinetry, countertops, sinks and more.
  • Can I change or choose building materials?
    We try to build Genius Tinyhouse models using only quality materials that will stand the test of time. Our tiny houses are built with solid woods and fold only in the wood aspects and only high quality materials are used everywhere else. We buy all of our building materials in bulk to build from scratch, so we aim to keep the price as low as possible despite the high quality materials we use. We can allow minor changes, but this often results in a more expensive finished project because we will not be purchasing materials at bulk prices. You can supply products such as lighting fixtures, fixtures, sinks and toilets yourself and we can incorporate such items into your tiny home.
  • Do you offer Off Grid solutions?
    Yes. We have many Off Grid solutions that you can add to your genius Tiny House design. We offer fully enclosed solar system packages designed to run your entire home (not just lights) including air conditioning systems, a variety of compost toilet options, gas water heating and gas appliances, rainwater storage tanks, pumps, gray water. systems and water filters. Call us to chat more about off-grid installations and possibilities.
  • Do compost toilets smell?
    No, no! Compost toilets are very complex and effective systems today. Their cost can range from 900 euro to 3,500 euro depending on size, model and a few other factors. They all come with a 24-hour electric fan, but they are very quiet and economical, drying the solids and also speeding up the natural composting process by moving the air inside the house out of the system.
  • Are Tiny Houses delivered with solar energy panels?
    It's not standard, but as an extra we can provide a solar package to suit your needs. Please contact us for more information.
  • Do you offer delivery?
    We have partnered with a reputable and reliable towing company that delivers nationwide. This service fully insures your Tiny Home from our factory to your door. Delivery is an additional cost. Please see our delivery website or contact us for a quote. However, most of our products include shipping. You can contact us about this.
  • How much does a standard tiny house cost?
    All prices of our standard turnkey complete models are available on our website in the PRICE AND TECHNICAL INFORMATION field. Our completely stand-alone turnkey small houses range from 250.000 ₺ to around 600.000 ₺ for large models.
  • How is the Payment Plan?
    We offer a payment plan that divides the total price into 2 installments. Each installment is paid after the completion of each stage as outlined below; 50% start of work remaining 50% tiny home delivery before leaving the factory.
  • Do I need city approval for my tiny house?
    Our Tiny Houses are considered “Caravans” and do not require municipal approval. They will come with a pre-registered VIN/Valid number to the Highway and Transport and Major Roads Department (Highways). Caravans do not require approvals from the municipality, but the city council can limit the amount of time one can live permanently. This decision can vary from municipality to municipality and from State to State. We strongly recommend that you contact your local municipality for more information and current regulations.
  • Do I need a special permit to use my Tiny House on the road?
    Tinyhouses on wheels are classified as caravans. So you don't need any special permits to drive or transport on the road. You just need to have the appropriate tool to tow the particular tiny house model with the right towing stages and safety requirements. *Our recommendation is for SUVs with 4×4 or 2,000 engines.
  • Do municipalities approve tiny wheelhouses on private property?"
    We build our tiny houses on trailers in accordance with the regulations applicable to caravans. It is not possible to make a broad statement as to what is allowed, as rules for living on private land in caravans and other portable dwellings are often in place at local council level. Some district municipalities actively welcome wheelhouses, while others are more cautious or even resilient. You should contact the municipal call center in your area and ask them directly. If they're not aware of the term 'small house', ask about trailer laws, which are often interchangeable.
  • Where can I park my Tiny House?
    Owning your own property would be your best solution. But there are more economical options for parking your tiny house. Some people rent out their driveway or backyard to people with Caravans or Tiny Homes. Because our tiny homes are built on trailers and comply with the regulations that apply to motorhomes, most RV Parks and many tiny home communities popping up all over the country are available for parking.
  • What is the largest size I can have?
    We keep our constructions within road legal restrictions: The maximum height is 4 m; The maximum width is 2.5 m; Maximum length is 9m (10.5m including drawbar); The maximum weight is 3.5 tons. If we exceed these dimensions, we will not be able to meet road legal regulations.
  • Can the genius Tinyhouse be delivered anywhere?
    Yes, we just need a way to get your tiny house to your address.
  • Does the Genius Tiny House come with a warranty?
    Deha Tiny House guarantees: 5 years for the structure; 1 year separate warranty from manufacturers will be given for plumbing, electrical installations, roofing, windows & doors and household appliances.
  • What permissions do I need to shoot Tiny House?
    To shoot a Tiny House you will need a B+E license or a good friend with it.
  • Genius Tinyhouse What about the maintenance of my home?
    Your new Tinyhouse Home has little to no maintenance. The unit is designed to be wallet friendly. Low electricity bills, solar energy and water consumption if you have it all depend on your lifestyle. Depending on your location, it is recommended to recoat the unit every 3-5 years unless you have chosen our guaranteed siding.
  • Can their homes be used in extreme climates?
    Yes, they are insulated to withstand cold winters and hot summers.
  • Can I take the tiny house out of the trailer?
    Yes, all of our tiny houses are built in such a way that you can easily get them out of the tiny house using all fours.
  • Will I receive my little ones as seen in the pictures and photos on the website
    All images and photographs shown are for illustrative purposes only. Your actual little one will most likely be different as it will be customized to your needs. Please carefully read the explanations and/or quotes provided by our Customer Service Representatives; These documents will contain all the details of your little baby
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