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Opportunity to stay wherever and whenever you want with wheeled houses that adopt the minimal lifestyle...

Discover our models with materials that adapt to nature, wood and stylish details.

Our models, which are produced in accordance with the legal limits on highways, are delivered with license plates and licenses.

You can choose between our fixed structures designed by our architects in an ergonomic, aesthetic and modern way, if you wish, you can choose special designs for you...

Models designed in accordance with the purpose of use are produced and placed on the foundation. All details, including the landscaping application, are completed by the expert team.



Cafe, office, hotel, annex building, container, wc, etc., which we designed in accordance with your intended use. You can use the structures as fixed or movable if you wish.

By positioning your business or office wherever you want, you can carry out your activities. you can develop and keep up with the changing world.


As a leading Building Architect operating in the Aegean region, Deha Tiny House has been creating striking and inspiring designs since 2000.

Regardless of the type of project, special  design, which has the competence to design and implement many different spaces such as residential, industrial and commercial areas, and serves by keeping customer satisfaction in the foreground.

application firm.

Our designs; It draws inspiration from urban cityscapes that emphasize beauty, flexibility and functionality.


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full confidence

We enable you to see the production of your own product live at any time and to get information about the application stages. You can follow your application and its stages, whether online or on-site.

expert team

Every stage of the application is carried out meticulously by expert personnel, under the control of our architects and engineers .


The design of your product is designed by our architects before the application, you can change or design your project in line with your budget. Production is made in accordance with the visual and design of your project.


You can receive your product from our factory with your own attachment or with our teams. We provide all kinds of support for installation and transportation with a satisfaction guarantee. 

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